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Volkswagen Transmission Electrical Testing

Content Inside : Test requirements: Battery Positive Voltage (B+) OK Fuses 14 (S14) and 21 (S21) OK Transmission Ground (GND) connections OK: Ground (GND) connection located on left next to relay panel

Ford Truck 6.0L Fuel Injection Control Technical Manual

The FICM drives the fuel injector solenoids based on fuel and timing commands (via *CAN2 link) from the PCM. It uses engine speed and position signals (*CKPO, *CMPO) to determine

Volkswagen Golf, GTI, Jetta 93-99 On Board Diagnostic Procedure

Content Inside : On Board Diagnostic (OBD) program - Guide Troubleshooting Automatic Transmission with VAG 1551 Scan Tool (ST). Connect VAG 1551 Scan Tool (ST) and select 1- Rapid data transfer

Volkswagen - Transmission Related Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Content Inside : This technical bulletin can be applied for volkswagen 1998-2000 New Cabrio, Golf, Jetta, Beetle with Auto Trans and CAN - Bus. Transmission in limp mode with no MIL

BMW E31 8 Series Electrical Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Procedures

The electrical troubleshooting manual consists of 2 parts: schematics and diagnosis. The purpose of the diagnosis part is to provide assistance in troubleshooting of the complete vehicle electrical system. It

Toyota A/T Temperature Light Troubleshooting

Content Inside : Most modern vehicles include special features which are supposed to enhance the driver’s experience, sense of security or enjoyment behind the wheel. When something like an automatic transmission

Jeep Service Bulletin Torque Converter Shudder

Content Inside : This bulletin involves reprogramming the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) with new software and replacing the torque converter as required. SYMPTOM/CONDITION: The vehicle operator may experience one or more

Nokia 12 GSM Module Hardware Integration Manual

Content Inside : This document provides instructions for the Nokia 12 GSM module (hereafter Nokia 12 module) hardware integration. The document is intended to help the system integrator to integrate the

Volkswagen Automatic Transmission Design and Function

Content Inside: Volkswagen 6 speed automatic transmission design and function book is a document covers all about the 09G/09M 6-speed automatic transmission, which installed in the following vehicles: 2005 Jetta/New Beetle,

1996 – 1999 Nissan Pathfinder (R50) Transmission Conversion Manual

Guide to conversion Automatic transmission to manual transmission on Nissan Pathfinder, how to removing the automatic transmission, Remove the interior, Electronic Control Module Replacement, ASCD Modification, Park Neutral Switch Modification,