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High Speed Magnet Machine Design and Development

This magnet machine design handbook divided into 10 chapters as follow: Introduction, Rationale and approach, Hybrid electric vehicle application, Axial-flux permanent-magnet machines, Design variations, Finite element analysis, Losses, Thermal analysis,

Mechanical Engineering Design Handbook by Prof Marek Wisniewski

Content Inside: This Mechanical engineering design and workshop book has written by Prof Marek Wisniewski from Institute for Vehicles, Design and Operation of Machines of Lodz University of Technology. Here you'll

3D CAD Guide for Machine Designers

Content Inside : Your choice of 3D CAD tools is critical to your organization’s ability to compete effectively in this challenging business environment. This guide identifies key issues and explains advantages

Solid Edge or Pro/DESKTOP 8 CO2 Car Manufacturing Guide

Content Inside : This tutorial guide leads you through the process of converting a 3D model file describing the shape of an F1 in Schools, R-Type car into the CNC file

Helical Gear Design, Modelling and Manufacturing Guide

A gear is a rotating machine part having cut teeth, which mesh with another toothed part in order to transmit torque. Two or more gears working in tandem are called

Solid Egde F1 Car Body Modeling and Manufacturing Tutorial

Content Inside: This tutorial guide leads you to drawing 3d F1 car body, R-Type car into CNC files and manufactured the solid 3D car body. The first step you'll learn how

Machine Vibration Beginner’s Guide Book

At Commtest we know that vibration monitoring can be an easy and painless task – not a mysterious art. We have written Beginner’s Guide to Machine Vibration to give you

MasterCam X Working with Machine and Control Definitions

Part of Content : Machine and control definitions are key building blocks in Mastercam X that let you organize your Mastercam installation to match your shop floor. Control definition—Stored in a

Mac OSX “Time Machine” Backup Software Guide

Content Inside : First make sure your external hard drive is connected, recognized by your Mac, and formatted for MAC OSX. Then go to the top menu “Go”, and select “Applications”.

Machine Vibration Beginner’s Handbook

This Beginner’s Guide to Machine Vibration to give you the key information you need to increase your profits using a vb vibration monitoring instrument. Engineers, technicians, machine operators,and accountants