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Citroen Xantia and XM Safety Guide

This Infosheet contains advice to vehicle inspectors and inspecting organisations carrying out an inspection of a Citroen Xantia or Citroen XM. There have been failures in the front upper suspension

Caravan Maintenance 10 Useful Tips

Content Inside : It would be much better to spend time now carrying out a few basic checks and undertaking some preventative maintenance. No doubt, you are one of the 150

Citroën Care for Car and Driver

A network of Citroën New Car Dealers, Authorised Repairers and Parts Distributors are equipped and trained to meet the needs of today’s Citroën customer. Dealers can offer advice on vehicle funding;

NEW Haynes Manual Audi A3

If there’s a drawback with the Audi A3, it’s the above average running costs in some areas. For instance, the replacement of a set of spark plugs can cost over

Citroen ZX Service and Repair Manual

• This extremely corrosive acid is formed when certain types of synthetic rubber, found in some O-rings, oil seals, fuel hoses etc, are exposed to temperatures above 400°C. The rubber

Haynes Peugeot 405 (petrol) Service and Repair Manual

Thanks are due to Champion Spark Plug who supplied the illustrations showing spark plug conditions. Certain other illustrations are the copyright of the Peugeot Talbot Motor Company Limited, and are

Haynes Peugeot 306 Wiring Diagrams


Citroen XSARA 2 Specific Vehicle Alarm Fitting Instructions

Content Inside : ELECTRIC WINDOWS Positive control signal Front window, driver’s side: connect to the GREY wire marked nr. 6010 located at the position nr. 4 of the window control switch,

Haynes Engine Routine Maintenance and Servicing

Content Inside : Complete Haynes engine service and routine maintenance, content inside : Ignition timing check - models with contact breaker distributor, Oil filler cap cleaning - OHV and HCS engines,

CITROEN C3 Exclusive manual hatch

The Citroen C3 five-door hatchback is a new entry into the crowded small car segment, and one that comes with a big reputation from overseas. The C3 has won car-of-the-year awards