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Maya Advanced Rigging Tutorial Book

This tutorial dedicated for Maya users who have a basic familiarity with the main tools and features of Maya, as well as basic Maya rigging knowledge. This tutorial you'll learn

Java 5.0 Programming Book for Beginners

Java 5.0 Programming for beginners handbook is a free on-line textbook on introductory java 5.0 programming. This book dedicated for beginner but also be useful for experienced java programmers who

Maya 8.5 Unlimited Getting Started Guide

The Maya 8.5 unlimited getting started guide is a Maya book for beginner, here's the table of content: Overview Introduction, About getting started with Maya unlimited, before you begin, installing maya unlimited,

Engineering Design with SolidWorks Teacher Guide

Content Inside : An Introduction to Engineering Design with SolidWorks Teacher Guide and its supporting materials are designed to assist you in teaching SolidWorks in an academic setting. An Introduction to

SAP BC ABAP Workbench Tutorial

Content Inside : This tutorial has divide in several chapters : Lesson 1: Understanding the Workbench Tools, Lesson 2: Working with Tables, Lesson 3: Designing Screens, Lesson 4: Specifying a GUI

C# and .NET Micro Framework Programming Handbook

Content Inside: This book is for beginners wanting to learn .NET Micro Framework. No prior knowledge is necessary. The book covers using .NET Micro Framework,Visual C# and even covers C#! If

Gas Trubine Engine Design Course Handbook

Content Inside: The turbine engines in the Army inventory are of the free power turbine design. In this engine, nearly two thirds of the energy produced by combustion is extracted by

Maya 2011 Advanced Techniques Lesson Books

Advanced techniques of AutoDesk Maya 2011 tutorial, this maya advanced techniques book contain these following information: nParticles Advanced Techniques, Preparing for the lessons, Understanding the tutorial components, Lesson 1: Creating

Machine Vibration Beginner’s Handbook

This Beginner’s Guide to Machine Vibration to give you the key information you need to increase your profits using a vb vibration monitoring instrument. Engineers, technicians, machine operators,and accountants

Solar System Modeling Guide - Classroom Lesson

Content Inside: This series of lessons for science and mathematics classes (grades 3-12) looks at the planets in our solar system in a variety of different ways, beginning with astronomical modeling