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Hydraulic Design Guide of Deep-Draft Navigation Projects

This manual provides design guidance for improving deep-draft navigation projects. The design goal applicable to project development is to provide a safe, efficient, environmentally sound, and cost-effective waterway for ships

Magnesium Injection Molding Design Guide

Content Inside: Magnesium injection molding (MAG) produces components with attributes that include superb quality, high repeatability, dimensional precision, and design flexibility. The magnesium injection molding process is similar to plastic injection

Rapid Injection Molding Design Tips

Content Inside: Its a book that will guide yo to make your Rapid Injection molding more efficient. It is important that textured surfaces have adequate draft to prevent the part from

Mechanical Overhaul Procedures for Hydroelectric Units

Content Inside : Periodically, all hydroelectric generators require a major overhaul. The extent of the work required during an overhaul will depend a great deal on operating conditions such as water

Autodesk Inventor 8 Professional Tube and Pipe Getting Started Guide

Content Inside : Introduction, About Autodesk Inventor Professional, Learning Autodesk Inventor Professional, Using Help, Backing Up Sample Data Files, Setting Up Projects For Exercises, Reading and Editing Tube and Pipe Data.

HAAS CNC Milling Machine User Manual

Content Inside : This handbook was covers how to setup and operate HAAS CNC milling machine. 1. Machine (Pre) Start-Up a. Check Oil Reservoir (at rear of machine). If Oil Level

CNC Programming Technique - TOC

This book was suitable for CNC learning, mechanical engineer, CNC operator, or programmer, in this book you will get any information about : Program Development Drawing , Drawing Evaluation Material

ArchiCAD Tips & Techniques : TREES

Content Inside : Simple ArchiCAD Tree, SIMPLE ARCHICAD TREE: To create a simple tree using the Hip Roof tool to illustrate the technique: 1 Create a ground plane using the slab

MasterCam X3 Mill 3D Tutorial (Sample)

Content Inside: This book provides a comprehensive step-by-step approach to learning Mastercam Mill 3D. The book includes eight projects, an additional 8 exercises and quizzes for each project to test your

CNC Programming Coordinate System Setting

Content Inside : The position of terminal point of the movement command in the Z-axis can be shifted + or - by as much as the value set in the offset