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Exploring Patterns in Information Management Guide Book

This book contains contributions from a number of researchers, who in various ways have addressed the question of what the field is about, devoting time, energy and creativity to subjects

SL-275 Java Programming Language Student Manual Book

This is a course book of SL-275 Java programming language, the course goal every students expected could Create an event-driven graphical user interface (GUI) by using Java technology GUI components:

Java 5.0 Programming Book for Beginners

Java 5.0 Programming for beginners handbook is a free on-line textbook on introductory java 5.0 programming. This book dedicated for beginner but also be useful for experienced java programmers who

Navy Welding Manual Handbook

In the Navy as well as private industry, welding is widely used by metalworkers in the fabrication, maintenance, and repair of parts and structures. While there are many methods for

Wireless Network Administrator Handbook - Study Guide

This book is an official study guide of Certified Wireless Network administrator (CWNA) contain basic and advanced guide to configure, maintenance and securing the wireless network. This book divided into

How to Build Hydroponics Garden guide Book

The complete guide book to building and operating your own indoor and outdoor hydroponic gardens. Include detailed instructions photos and step by step plans. Here you'll learn how to grow

ABAP Basic Tutorial for Dummies

This book is perfect for ABAP beginner users or it also could be use as ABAP tutorial for dummies, here you'll learn basic ABAP programming from scratch. This book divided

Jazz Guitar Techniques for Beginner Book.pdf

Its a simple manual books to learn playing Jazz Guitar techniques, here you'll learn how to play jazz guitar from basics, this book divided into 6 chapters as follow: Tuning,

C# and .NET Micro Framework Programming Handbook

Content Inside: This book is for beginners wanting to learn .NET Micro Framework. No prior knowledge is necessary. The book covers using .NET Micro Framework,Visual C# and even covers C#! If

Samsung Captivate User Manual Book

Samsung Captivate is also known as Samsung Galaxy S is a best Android phone equipped with 1GHz processors and high-res AMOLED. At 4.18 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide by