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Infrared Receiver for PC Schematic and Circuit Diagram

Actually it's very strange why PC's aren't equipped with a standard remote control interface. A lot of motherboards are equipped with an IRDA port but this isn't compatible with the

DTMF Radio Remote Control Circuit Diagram

Content Inside : The remote control transmitter consists of DTMF generator and an FM transmitter circuit. For generating the DTMF frequencies, a dedicated IC UM91214B (which is used as a dialler

Philips Product & Design Manual for RF Small Signal Discretes

Content Inside : This document describes a demoboard for the upcoming 2.4GHz Industrial-Scientific-Medical (ISM) band for applications like wireless communication, LAN and video/TV signal transmission. It covers a power amplifier (PA)

Samsung Color Television Receiver Service Manual and Schematic Diagram

This Samsung Color television receiver service manual contain all information to service and repairing the devices, by reading this book you'll get following information: Schematic Diagram, Circuit digram/Wiring diagram, block

Fix FM Radio Reception Difficulties

Part Of Content : Good radio reception is dependent on the type of radio receiver, the type of antenna and the signal strength at the listener’s location. Signal strength can vary

LG KS20 Smart Phone Service Manual

Content Inside : This manual provides the information necessary to repair, calibration, description and download the features of this model. Introduction, Purpose, Regulatory Information. Performance : 2.1 System Overview 2.2 Usable

900MHz Full-Duplex Radio Transmitter Design Reference

Content Inside: This reference design covers the design of a transmitter inside a 900MHz full-duplex radio using the MAX2902 single-chip transmitter. The MAX2902 is designed for use in the 868MHz to

FM Radio Transmitter & Receiver Modules T5 / R5

Content Inside : The T5 and R5 data link modules are miniature UHF radio modules, which enable the implementation of a simple telemetry link upto 300 metres, and at data rates

2002 Chevrolet Tracker Owner’s Manual

Content Inside : Each remote keyless entry transmitter is coded to prevent another transmitter from unlocking your vehicle. If a transmitter is lost or stolen, a replacement can be purchased through

Bluetooth Hacking Tutorial for Fun, Fame and Profit

Content Inside : want to Learn bluetooth hacking and secure your bloetooth, this book is contain information about : Why Bluetooth? ?What security Mechanisms ? ?Bluetooth Attacks ?Newer Bluetooth attacks