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Robotics Design Principles for Intelligent Systems

Part of Content : In recent years, we have been developing a set of heuristics or design principles, that on the one hand capture theoretical insights about intelligent – adaptive –

Robotic Design and Implementation Journal

The diversity of robotic research areas along with the complex requirements of hardware and software for robotic systems have always presented a challenge for system

VW Beetle Oil Change Tips

Content Inside : 100% mineral oil is the least expensive, find it anywhere, and has run many a car past 100,000 miles. You must keep this oil changed regularly, as it

Optimizing SQL Queries over Text Databases

COntent Inside : Text documents often embed data that is structured in nature, and we can expose this structured data using information extraction technology. By processing a text database with information

Gold Mining and Exploration in Central America

Content Inside : The level of gold exploration in Central America has increased significantly over the past year because the region is relatively underexplored, the price of gold is robust and

Robotics and Automation Assembly System Design for Modular Product

To respond to the challenge of agile manufacturing, companies are striving to provide a large variety of products at a low cost. Product modularity allows to produce different products by

Understanding SAP R/3 A Tutorial for Computer Scientists

Content Inside : 1. SAP R/3: Past, Presence and Future 2. The Integrated R/3 Repository 2.1 Integrated Analysis, Design and Implementation 2.2 Coexistence of Multiple R/3

Cisco Security Setup and Configuration Guide

Content Inside : This paper is the first in a three-part series of white papers, each of which focuses on a functional area of securing your network. The three papers work

Dynamic Relationships Between Gold Stock Price Indexes

While the returns of gold related securities, such as common stock in gold mining companies, are widely considered to be mostly related to changes in gold prices and, to a

460 MWe Power Plant Boiler Design

Circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler technology has been growing in size and number over the past two decades and it has established its position as utility scale boiler technology. Plant