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Robotics Design Principles for Intelligent Systems

Part of Content : In recent years, we have been developing a set of heuristics or design principles, that on the one hand capture theoretical insights about intelligent – adaptive –

Advanced Oracle & Java

Content Inside : Introduction You have been introduced in the previous Oracle laboratory to the basics of JDBC. In the next sections, we will discuss two more advanced topics: how to

NX5 Engineering Design Tutorial Book - Engine Assembly Modeling

This self-guiding tutorial provides a step-by-step approach for users to learn NX5. It is intended for those with no previous experience with NX. However, users of previous versions of NX

Robotics and Automation Assembly System Design for Modular Product

To respond to the challenge of agile manufacturing, companies are striving to provide a large variety of products at a low cost. Product modularity allows to produce different products by

Cisco Security Setup and Configuration Guide

Content Inside : This paper is the first in a three-part series of white papers, each of which focuses on a functional area of securing your network. The three papers work

Dynamic Relationships Between Gold Stock Price Indexes

While the returns of gold related securities, such as common stock in gold mining companies, are widely considered to be mostly related to changes in gold prices and, to a

Android Application Programming for Beginner

This guide is pure for beginner, this paper will not teach you Java that is too hard for beginner users, I will try my best to show off some of

Revit Architecture 2011 Tutorial Creating Parametric Families

Parameters are at the heart of a successful Revit Family. While you don’t have to make a family parametric, doing so will allow for a single family to be flexible

Aircraft Maintenance Simulation Model

The document about Simulation model for aircraft maintenance in an uncertain operational environment. The model describes the flight process and basic modes of periodic maintenance and failure repairs. Features that are

2007 Kia Sorento Owner Manual and Maintenance Guide

Kia Sorento is a midsize SUVpowered with a V6 Engine but replace a 192-hp 3.5 liter with 262-hp 3.8. A 5-speed automatic transmission. The Kia Sorento 2007 has more